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Who We Are

We are a boutique technical services team specializing in the field maintenance of photovoltaic systems since 2012. Our team consists of experienced electrical engineers and technicians and has perfected the process of maintaining PV systems. With offices both in Nicosia and Paphos our mobile team provides coverage all of Cyprus..

What We Do

Cleaning Services

The PV frames are subject to impurities, dust and pollen which concentrate on the surface leading to the decreased performance of the system. A thorough cleaning of the frames is advised at least twice a year for your PV system to be able to function at its maximum capacity.

Preventive Maintenance

By frequently inspecting the performance and PV frames of your system you can catch potential minor issues and resolve them before they can become actual problems that could affect the future efficiency of the system.

Corrective Maintenance

Our team can inspect and resolve any problems that prevent your systems from functioning correctly. This includes repairing or replacing any defective equipment. Especially in PV systems located in remote or hard-to-access locations where frequent monitoring is difficult a small problem could lead to your system being offline for long-periods of time.

Slope Correction

The angle at which sunlight strikes the Earth changes with the seasons due to the Earth's orbit around the Sun and the Earth's rotation around its tilted axis. If the slope of the panels mounting frame can be adjusted on your PV system, it is advised to change the inclination 2-4 times a year to maximize the performance output of your system.

Deforestation (mowing and spraying)

Photovoltaic parks in agricultural phots are subject to ever-growing vegetation. This can lead to decreased performance due to shading of the PV panels and can also be a fire hazard during the summer season. It is important to trim for proper and safe operation of your system.

Is Maintenace Required?

Your photovoltaic system should be periodically maintained to ensure uninterrupted service and maximize the output of your system, prolong the life of your equipment as well as identify and fix any minor issues before they become major problems.

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Contact us at +357 99 846 861 or at info@pvclean.com or using the below form for a quotation and details.